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Request for Quotation

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Request for Quotation
Date:  April 14, 2020

Project:  Demolition and Removal of Buildings and debris.
Address:  House on 19 Ash Street, 6 Harvey Road and 8 Harvey Road.

Scope of Work:  The contract shall include the supply and all labor, equipment, material and services necessary to carry out the following work.

1.  The contractor shall demolish and remove the buildings and debris located on the sites at 19 Ash Street, 6 Harvey Road and 8 Harvey Road Street in, McAdam N.B.
2.  The construction materials from the demolition of the buildings and the contents within the buildings must be removed to an approved Department of Environment disposal site.
3.  All footings and foundations are to be removed and excavated areas shall be backfilled with clean fill and compacted.  The site grade shall match existing.
4.  Must coordinate with the Village of McAdam the capping off of any existing water and sewer lines.  All costs are the bidder’s responsibility.
5.  Disconnection of electrical and telecommunication lines back to pole.
6.  Contractor to complete work by May 31, 2020.
7.  Contractor shall be responsible to obtain all applicable permits to perform the specified work.
8.  Contractor is responsible for any damage to adjacent property, overhead powerlines, infrastructure or street.
9.  When placing your quote, we ask that you break down the bid per house and combine the total of all three into one bid price.  It is the total bid price that will determine who is awarded the contract.

Note:  The contractor must provide proof of liability insurance and Worksafe N.B. compensation insurance when placing Quotation.
Contact and Site visit:  All inquiries regarding this project can be directed to Edward Arsenault. Village of McAdam at 784-2293 or email at

Completion Date:  May 31 , 2019
Closing date: Quotation will be received by Noon, Friday, May, 1st , 2020
Quotes shall be delivered to:           Village of McAdam
146 Saunders Road
McAdam N.B.
Marked: Demolition quote for Ash and Harvey Road.