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New Cemetery Costs as of 1st January 2020

By November 27, 2019News, Uncategorized


The Village of McAdam Rockland Cemetery will be increasing their fees as of January 1st 2020.  The increases will be as follows:

                                                                                Current price         Price as of 1st Jan 2020

*Purchase of a full (double) Lot

including perpetual care                                             $1000.00                 $1500.00

*Purchase of half (single) lot

including perpetual care                                             $800.00                   $1000.00

Open and Close                                                             $500.00                   $800.00

Burial of Ashes                                                              $250.00                   $500.00

Burial of Ashes in stone                                               $100.00                   $500.00


*Full (double) lot would allow 4 caskets or 2 caskets and 4 urns or 8 urns or 1 casket and 6 urns or 3 caskets and 2 urns.

*Half  (single) lot would allow  2 caskets or 1 casket and 2 urns or 4 urns.