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Council meeting

Village of McAdam Council Meetings

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor and Council will continue holding regular council meetings to continue McAdam’s progress and safety in these difficult times. To ensure continued transparency and citizen participation, regular council meetings will be open to the public via Zoom. Zoom is an online program, which has video and audio capability. This program has been utilized by many other municipalities and organizations with great success and feedback.
The link will be on the Village of McAdam website, please go to News and Events, then click on the events calendar, then you can select Council Meeting today’s date.

The council meeting schedule is as follows:   April 8th, 2020, 6pm


To access the meeting, please see the following link:

Password: 7075

The same rules and decorum of physical meetings apply. If you would like to address council, please call the Village Office at 784-2293, to be put on the agenda.


Thank you for your patience during our social distance measure. As council explores this technology, your patience is appreciated, as we work through any technical difficulties that may arise.

McAdam Village Council