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Village Cemetery


The Village of McAdam’s final resting place, Rockland Cemetery is located west of the village along Highway #4 (Vanceboro Road). Rockland Cemetery established in 1899, overlooks the railroad tracks that have carried passengers and freight across North America for centuries – a fitting place for family and friends to rekindle memories as well as reconnect the past with the present. Rockland Cemetery is an all-inclusive denominational resting place used by both Catholic and Protastant faiths.

The first person buried in the Protestant section of Rockland Cemetery was Barbara Edlora (LaKing) Glew, born at Sugar Brook, York County, N.B., June 21, 1872. She was married on July 23, 1889, to Robert Glew, and died at the age of 27 years in 1899. In the Catholic section of Rockland Cemetery the first person to be buried was Agnes Bridget Clifford. She was born in McAdam and died on December 26, 1916 at the age of 10 years and 2 months.


Administration of Rockland Cemetery is provided by the Village of McAdam Rockland Cemetery Inc. comprised of nine directors, the mayor and councillors making five and an additional four directors elected at large at the annual meeting held on April 4, 2012.

The newly established Corporation is proud of the respect and care given to the deceased by loved ones as demonstrated by the beauty of the grounds and maintenance of grave sites. To ensure that the grounds and maintenance of those grave sites can be maintained far into the future a campaign is being launched by the Cemetery Committee to solicit funds to ensure the perpetual care remains in place for the Cemetery.Current funding has slowly been depleted over the past several years and steps need to be taken now to ensure the future financial stability of our cemetery. Please watch for information on this undertaking and respond favourably. The Cemetery is an important part of our heritage and needs to be maintained.


To locate the burial site of an individual, a plot or particular section in the cemetery, please refer to our Plot and Section Layouts linked below. These resources are the result of many hours of research and commitment by several volunteers.

Your further inquiry and/or contribution of information that could be helpful to further enhance this web page would be most welcome. You are invited to email us directly, or leave us a message on our website.


The Annual Meeting of the Cemetery Committee is held on the first Wednesday in April notice of which will be published in advance of the meeting.

The following business will be covered at the meeting:

  • Presentation of an Annual Report
  • Presentation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Election of two [2] directors for a two [2] year or three [3] year term of office
  • Any other business to come before the meeting