The following are the documents sent in our recent mailout and email notifications in the event you did not receive them…as mentioned in the email notice you need ADOBE to complete and fill out the electronic registration form and you can download that from  In order to use the form you need to choose the fill and sign option which comes with the program.    As these documents are derived from the original program and are on separate pages you may need to print and assemble them but they do give you the full effect of the program and activities planned for the Homecoming.   We urge you to register early as there is limited capacity for some events based on available seating.

welcome and video and registery page

Train & Restaurants

front page stephanie

homecoming final registration form 3

final registration form 3

final registration form 3 fillable

events & food services

church services and t-shirts and Logo design

accomodation & Mayors Letter

After 2 months of planning the final program and registration is ready to hit the streets and emails and will be going out the week of March 7th – 10th by both snail mail and email and distributed locally through the Lions’ Community News offering all former and present McAdamites an opportunity to join in the celebrations beginning on June 30 here in the ‘best little Village in NB’.  We hope you’ll planning to be part of our celebrations.

Committee holds its second meeting of the new year on February 7th, 2017 in preparation for the final mail out on March 1.   Program is taking shape and once finalized will be mailed out for final registration.   Response to date is lower than expected and it is imperative that you register ASAP, either now or immediately after March 1 mail out to ensure you will be able to attend events you want to participate in.

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Homecoming 2017 Meeting October 25th, 2016 in preparation for the first mailing.   REMEMBER  we need your email address….SEND IT TO HOMECOMING2017@MCADAMNB.COM


The notices are in the mail.    E-mail to follow may even beat snail mail if we can work out the kinks!!!

Here’s the team hard art work on Tuesday Evening, November 1st.






We’re hoping to hear from you soon!!!!!