Home Building Lots for $1 in McAdam!

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The Village of McAdam is pleased to announce it has 16 serviced (water and sewer) building lots within the Village available for sale. One Lot per applicant will be sold for $1 on a first come first served basis. The conditions of sale are:

  1. The Lot purchased shall not be transferred to a third party until a single family dwelling is constructed on the Lot;
  2. The single family dwelling to be constructed on the Lot must comply with all applicable municipal by-laws, Provincial laws and regulations and Canadian National Building Code standards. The dwelling must have a minimum living area of 1,200 square feet;
  3. Construction of the single family dwelling on the Lot must be completed within 2 years from the date of purchaser of the Lot;
  4. Water and sewer services will be provided to the edge of the single family dwelling constructed on the Lot. Internal connection to the Village water and sewer lines is the responsibility of the Lot owner and must be completed by a licensed plumber.
  5. The Lot owner is responsible for provision of electrical service to the Lot and dwelling;
  6. A person applying to purchase a Lot will be required to sign an Agreement of Purchase and Sale and shall make a $2,500.00 performance payment. The performance payment will be returned to the Purchaser upon completion of construction of the single family dwelling on the Lot. In the event the construction of a single family dwelling is not completed within the 2 year period, it shall be forfeited and the subject Lot shall be transferred to the Village of McAdam;
  7. The Applicant will be responsible for payment of all legal fees associated with the purchase of a Lot.

All matters pertaining to Lot condition, environmental matters, site preparation and dwelling construction are the responsibility of the Applicant.
Interested parties may contact Mayor Kenneth Stannix at 506-784-2293.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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Located along Route 4, just 45 minutes from Fredericton the Village of McAdam awaits!

Warm and friendly, the community welcomes visitors to the Historic Railway Station, several restaurants, a beautiful lakeside campground and a unique country experience.

Pick an adventure – canoe the St. Croix River, picnic at Spednic Lake, tour the Station, hike the nature trail or browse through a variety of country shops.

Located on the Maine-New Brunswick border, McAdam has a long history of hospitality. Please call the Village Office for information 506-784-2293.